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va-lottery-online.com provides simple and trustworthy services which enable you to take part in world's biggest and most prevalent licensed lotteries through LottoSend.

Our mission is to give chance to customers from all over the world to take part in the most popular lottery prizes from being wherever they are and just using computer or mobile devices.

We have a team of professional experts with a variety of skills gained from years of experience in areas like technology, online marketing, gaming and products.

Our services comprise of bundle of lotteries, where you can pick your desired games, choose your favourite numbers or go for the option for QuickPick in order to buy your tickets.

Once you have placed the order through LottoSend, a team of agents will take care of your order at an official lottery retailer and you soon will be able to view your scanned lottery ticket in your LottoSend account.

If you want your actual lottery ticket to be delivered to you, LottoSend can deliver the ticket to your address through shipping.

*additional charges will be applicable

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