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Its our pleasure in welcoming you to! We are an online lottery associate which offers you an easy, interesting way to be a part of the grand and most widespread official licensed lotteries in the world.

  1. Simply go to the order page
  2. Select the lottery numbers you wish to choose either by hand-picking or by using QuickPick which will directly pick a set of random numbers for you.
  3. Your order is received by our local agents who will then visit local lottery retailer and buy a ticket with your numbers on your behalf.
  4. After purchasing your ticket, the agent scans it and uploads it into your account so that you can have a look of your ticket in real-time. Your ticket will be then securely stored and will be locked till after the draw.
  5. As the lottery winner is announced, we check your ticket for the winning possibility. If you have won the draw, then our team will immediately contact you to tell you the good news. If you won the secondary prizes, we will directly transfer the winnings into your account.

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